Super Clash Bros is a fan-made crossover game featuring a battle mode and adventure mode. The characters are kept true to their original games (same abilities, same health systems, etc.). This is an early, unfinished version but it's still very playable and fun with a group of friends.

Some notes:

  • Lots of things messed up with this version. For example, the characters have way too much health for adventure mode, that's because I'm still transitioning the game from a battle-focused game to a more single player/co-op focused game (although I may give them low health by default for battle mode too). They also don't get their super items where the star power up is in, because right now they only get them as comeback items in battle mode. Lots of other issues/missing stuff. Will get fixed.
  • For now it's local multiplayer only but you can play online via Parsec. Built-in online play is in the works.
  • Almost every gamepad should work in the downloadable version.
  • Mario/Luigi can get Yoshi under certain conditions. Yoshi can't eat Bowser but Bowser can't ride Yoshi (all characters who can fit can ride Yoshi).

Let me know any feedback you have. You can follow progress on the Discord server.

If you subscribe to my Youtube channel, click that bell right after you subscribe so you can be notified of new videos.

Install instructions

Download this in the itch app so that you always have the most updated version of the game


Super CLASH Bros 104 MB
Super CLASH Bros 89 MB
Super CLASH Bros 103 MB

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DUDE! This game is SICK! Even in the demo, the retro art style, the arcade machine feel and the diversity of characters, it feels so ranged. As a person who's never played a nintendo or mario game before, this game somehow brings me nostalgia, and that's a great thing. I can't wait to see the finished result. (Also i love the inclusion of Rayman and oddly Luke Skywalker)

figurd it owt

I love super smash bros.



i will like bots in the game cuz i dont have friends to play with:(

Deleted 33 days ago

never mind figred it out

this game is extremely good but whenever i try to play online with parsec nobody can join. can you fix this, thank you!

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super cool game


can you add bots pls

how can i unlock things without being a patreon? or i just can't?


I played it with every character, and I cannot explain the joy of beating the classic Smash Bros with Tails, Megaman, and Micheal Jackson.

very fun


Very good idea and interesting game, keep the work on!

Great game. I really love it! Maybe add toad? Really cool man!

Thank you! Much more to come.

J... JForce...?? I haven't heard of you guys in forever. I wonder what happened to JForce: Unstoppable... Anyways, this is cool! I haven't played Murder Miners since the early Xbox 360 Indie Game days...


Please Keep the free and full version right here! So the Steam version act as just a donation version!

Do not become like other traitor game devs!!!

I have money but I do not want to waste it! Even rich may become poor instantly!!

only dumb people who get rich lose it unless you get really unlucky as once you get rich it becomes a lot easier to make money through stocks, building a business, or simply buying others. so unless you don't invest your money and just spend it all like an idiot its pretty hard to lose the wealth. just saying.


download this before it gets shutdown ._.

Great game! Love the updates, keep up the good work!

RH Game On

Thanks for the video!

Fellow solo dev here (as hobby) to tell you that this is an amazin work. Keep it up, this is something!


i really can't wait till this is done, best game ever, also if you're taking feedback, I think it would be cool if chell from portal was in it,(or waluigi lol) also if you had final smashes as an option, also I prefer the thing you do when the walls close in, very cool, I tried every character, keep it up





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Add Gamepad support... I like the concept, just wish I could play with a controller.

You Can Already, But If Your On Browser You Can't Use Bluetooth In My Experience

Thanks for the heads up... I'll download the demo asap and see what happens.

 ther ver xbox one ?

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Found a funny glitch. :) 

This is a really good game. I have so much fun playing it. 

Funny! That'll get fixed.

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I cant wait till this is finished

hey I really like your project if you take feedback I have some suggestion take them like you want. (mostly balancing even if it is just for fun)

I think that contra guy would need just  a little more hp maby like 5 bars

The mega mans should have something else than tracking missiles and let that to the contra guy exclusively. since they got a lot of hp they are already very strong!

Samus and link could have a little more hp  and samus could get screw attack and a reserve tank in power ups similar to link's fairy

Can sonic trio have a little more power ups or is there nothing else in their games?

I would be cool to see bowser HP

Maby luigi can get his smash fireballs?

Mario look very strong a possibility to nerf him a little is when he is small and takes a power ups it would act as a normal mushroom.

can youu put the timer visible before the sudden death and are stock battles/tag battle a possibility?

thx for the reading I hope the best for this project

Thanks for feedback! I got some of these on the way.

how do you even jump

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Hit ctrl to change your controls. Or press that big keyboard/controller button on the main menu or in the lobby.

I can't wait until this is finished! You are one holy being, stay on my screen.

Couch or normal version?

I really enjoyed this man I mean im pretty bad but this is a real cool concept yknow just the characters with an unmodified moveset I mean that probably causes balancing issues or whatever but its still a really fun idea

I also enjoyed the little Mario v. Luigi fight I had with the dev that was a good fight man

Deleted 1 year ago

what the......


A very good game, I have been looking forward to the FC version of Mario. Like the Contra, two people can fight with the screen, instead of two people taking turns to replace it. After 18 years, the dream is finally realized here. I hope the author can formally complete it. Game, add more levels. Suggestion: If you can take a risk, you can choose 1p and 2p without physical collision. I look forward to the official version of the online steam, add more language options.





Its the best game on Itch


By far my favorite smash like game and cant wait for more

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