Updated to v0.6.3, now with auto-updater

The desktop versions now have an auto-updater, so after you download this version you'll never have to manually download future versions again (and of course the auto-updater only downloads the files you need instead of the whole thing every time). So please update now especially if you're playing Clash using Parsec's new Party Finder, as I've fixed quite a few bugs recently. And if you're on Mac or Linux and want to help me test the updater, let me know! And here's Party Finder in action in case you haven't seen it:


Super CLASH Bros windows.zip 81 MB
Aug 07, 2018
Super CLASH Bros mac.zip 89 MB
Aug 07, 2018
Super CLASH Bros linux.zip 91 MB
Aug 08, 2018

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I keep getting into the update loop unfortunately. 


hey check out my latest devlog here. try that and let me know.