Updated to v0.6.5 with fix for Update problems

Please delete your whole folder and redownload!


Super CLASH Bros windows.zip 81 MB
Aug 11, 2018
Super CLASH Bros mac.zip 89 MB
Aug 11, 2018
Super CLASH Bros linux.zip 100 MB
Aug 11, 2018
Browser version.zip Play in browser
Aug 11, 2018

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Well now the updater doesn't want to start at all, it just hangs. Finicky thing, updaters, eh? Lol.

Are you running Windows in english?

Yup! Although, the update actually went through, now I'm back on the update loop.

and you're sure you deleted everything, the super clash bros windows folder and the zip folder before redownloading?

Pretty sure, either way the update works fine now!